There are two main type of Sandblasting now more commonly known as ‘abrasive blasting’ Each has a appliction which they are best suited.


Car Sandblasting Services

The non-destructive abrasive action of Vapour Blasting removes paint, oil, grease, and surface corrosion without any damage or warping to your vehicle. Vapour Blasting works effectively on a variety of alloys, fiberglass, plastics, and composites while leaving hard, anodized coatings intact.

From complete restoration projects to individual car parts, from large vehicle shells to small vehicle components, each job is treated as individually as each client. 

Building Sandblasting


Refresh, Renew and Restore

Are you looking to revamp, restore or give your old building surfaces a new appearance or a new lease of life?


Graffiti Removal

We’ve worked with a number of local industry bodies, companies and businesses, as well as Local Government departments, to provide sandblasting services for the removal of graffiti in the following capacities:

  •  Shopping centres 
  •  Sports arenas 
  •  Recreational parks 
  •  Footpaths 
  •  Driveways 
  •  The exterior of houses & buildings 

Industrial Rust / Paint Ramoval

Agricultural & Heavy Plant


We provide Sandblasting / Grit Blasting services for all farm equipment, boats & marine parts, and heavy plant equipment.

We can tackle the toughest of surfaces, including removing unwanted paint in preparation for new priming and paint - which we can also provide.


Wet blasting or Vapour blasting


Regular abrasive blasting, but with liquid added. Liquid naturally traps much of the dust generated by the blasting process. This is better for the health and safety of workers, while requiring a much shorter clean-up time post-blasting. The addition of liquid makes the abrasive material more weighted, therefore reducing blasting time, and in many cases producing an even smoother result. The combination of abrasive material, pressure and liquid is incredibly effective, leaving almost any surface polished to perfection.


Dustless blasting


Suitable for stripping paint, polishing wood, stone and more. Because wet blasting achieves such a smooth surface, we can go straight on to provide the final stage of priming and painting the finished product, seeing your project through to completion.