Mobile Sandblasting


Can’t come to us? 


Then let Mentiply Grit Blasting come to you with our mobile Sandblasting services. Unlike a lot of the regular sandblasting companies we can come to you to complete work on site, saving you time, adding to customer convenience and leaving you to go about your day as uninterrupted as possible. 


For our industrial clients, whether your requirement is machinery that can’t be easily moved or the structure of a building both internal and external (including wooden and metal beams), we can conduct sandblasting at your premises and also offer a graffiti removal service to get rid of that unwanted 'art' work from budding street artists. 


For the general public, we offer exterior cleaning and property maintenance services ranging from patio and driveway cleaning to removing graffiti from external walls, as well as total building rejuvenation to remove pollutants, organic matters or paint to reveal the original beauty of brick and sandstone. 


All of our operators are trained and competent in all aspects of our sandblasting services. This includes not only the execution of work but also the preparation, from knowing the relevant authorities to contact should your building be public facing, understanding the correct procedures for closing a pavement off to the public and appropriate signage & barriers, through to the production and completion of highly detailed risk assessments where required to ensure compliance with local council regulations. All sandblasting risk assessments can be obtained upon request, and we are happy to take the time to ensure that you fully understand every part of this and are comfortable with what we do and how we do it. 


Here at Mentiply Grit Blasting we want to ensure that your work is completed in a professional manner and to the highest quality and safety standards.