Building Sandblasting

Stone, brick and masonry


We restore and rejuvenate your building with innovative soft swirling abrasive and light sandblast building cleaning, leaving the original beauty of the building on display. 

Brickwork Restoration & Cleaning


For hundreds of years, bricks have been used for building in many different ways. However, exposure to many everyday pollutants, atmospheric water as well as water dripping from drainpipes or roof guttering, animal secretions and moulds & algae can slowly build up and transform your once beautiful building into a dull, untidy, and occasionally depressing view!


Our abrasive cleaning services are the ideal solution in bringing that brickwork back to life - back to the original beauty that you, your family and the neighbours once loved. 


Stone & Masonry Cleaning


Very similar to brickwork, stone and masonry are also, and in some cases more susceptible to the same dust, dirt, bacteria and many other contaminates. We can undertake the sandblasting / abrasive blasting work on your stone and masonry buildings, paving and walls to bring them back to life. This process can also assist in the limitation of  damage and corrosion in the future.

Some of the substances we can remove are listed below:

  • Dirt
  • Carbon
  • Fungus
  • Algae
  • Paints